National Human Rights Action Plan
National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2012-2015)
By: Xinhua

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National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2012-2015)


Information Office of the State Council


The People's Republic of China






I. Economic, Social and Cultural Rights


(1) Right to work


(2) Right to basic living standards


(3) Right to social security


(4) Right to health


(5) Right to education


(6) Cultural rights


(7) Environmental rights


II. Civil and Political Rights


(1) Rights of the person


(2) Rights of detainees


(3) Right to a fair trial


(4) Freedom of religious belief


(5) Right to be informed


(6) Right to participate


(7) Right to be heard


(8) Right to oversee


III. Rights of Ethnic Minorities, Women, Children, the Elderly and the Disabled


(1) Rights of ethnic minorities


(2) Women's rights


(3) Children's rights


(4) Senior citizens' rights


(5) Rights and interests of the disabled


IV. Human Rights Education


V. Fulfillment of Obligations to International Human Rights Conventions, and Exchanges and Cooperation in the Field of International Human Rights


(1) Fulfillment of obligations to international human rights conventions


(2) Exchanges and cooperation in the field of international human rights


VI. Implementation and Supervision