The Chinese Dream


Author:China Society for Human Rights Studies


Press:China Intercontinental Press


Publication date:2015




On Sept.17 and 18, 2014, China Society for Human Rights Studies and China Human Right Development Foundation jointly sponsored the Seventh Beijing Human Rights Forum in Beijing.Near 100 people, including human rights high officials and experts and scholars from the UN and more than 30 countries and regions, envoys of relevant countries to China and experts and scholars in the human rights field of China, were present at the forum.
The theme of the forum is ”Chinese Dream:New Progress in China’s Human Rights,” and under it there are four subjects:”Human Rights Significance of the Chinese Dream,” “Cross-culture Exchanges on Human Rights,””State Governance Innovation and Human Rights Guarantee” and “Anti-Terrorism and Human Rights Guarantee.”At the forum, delegates expressed their Views and spoke freely on the theme and subjects of the forum, discussed systematically the prerequisites and conditions for realizing human rights, and deepened the understanding of external environment for the development of human rights. It was believed by all that the Chinese Dream shares the same origin as human rights in China, and is a social vision covering human rights concept, human rights appeals and human rights value. The Chinese Dream is closely linked with the dream of the world and of the people of all nations, benefiting the peaceful development of the mankind and the world human progress, with a very powerful international affinity and moral summoning power?About state governance innovation and human rights guarantee, delegates to the forum believe that promoting innovation of state governance system and modernization of governance capacity can build a good institutional environment for the development of human rights; innovation of state governance patterns will provide more space for the realization of various rights. About the cross-culture exchange on human rights, the delegates believe that frequency cross-culture exchange on human rights will enable mutual understanding, and can create a good international environment for the development of human rights. About anti-terrorism and human rights guarantee, people present at the forum state that peace and security are the prerequisite and foundation for all developments including that of human rights, ensuring the security of people is not only the basic demand for the survival of human being, but also the start and standing point for human right protection. Violent terrorism harms social stability, make social panics, sabotage the normal working and living orders, and seriously threat and brutally tread on the rights of citizens to life, survival, properties and tranquility, therefore it should be effectively contained and firmly combated.
The forum received 66 essays, which are compiled into five parts by subjects. The essays only present the personal views of authors, and do not represent the views and opinions of China Society for Human Rights Studies.
China Society for Human Rights Studies
December 2014