Human Rights:China's Road
By: Liu Jie


Author:Liu Jie


Press:China Intercontinental Press


Publication date:2014




China started human rights development in a state of general lacking in human rights awareness in the society and serious lacking in huamn rights guarantee resources in the country,three conditions determined that China must take a road to human rights suiting to its own national conditions. It is therefore the basic start point of this book to summarize the experience in the human rights development practice in China over the past one century and more,and especially during the past 30 years and more, so as to make theretical abstraction of the regularity and value exposition of the generality for its inner logic, as a support to China's road to human rights in rationality and legality.

The China road of human rights is not only a unique road during the past one century and over through the 1911 Revolution,the May 4th Movement, the founding of New China and reform and opening up that always follow the progress in national construction and democratic advancement, but also a dynamic process in continual development and perfection along with the growth of China and the gradually realization of  the goal of national rejuvenation.This road is parallel with the development of China and the appeal of rights by the people,as part of the world human rights development with coexistence of multi-lateral cultures and values today,together with the human rights development road of other countries and nations.