The Roadmap of the 18th CPC National Congress and The Chinese Dream
By: Huang Huaguang & Luan Jianzhang


Author:Huang Huaguang Luan Jianzhang


Press:Foreign languages press


Publication date:2013




The 18th National Congress of the Communst Party of China, convened in November 2012, was another landmark event in Chinese history since the Third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC National Congress in 1978, when China started reform and opening-up for its social advancement and economic development.

This book intends to introduce the latest CPC national congress and the roadmap it outlined for China's future development, and provides theoretical and incisive interpretation of the roadmap and profound elaboration of the Chinese Dream.

Designed in a Q-A format, the book attempts to answer questions posed by the international community and domestic and foreign readers in 12 chapters by 60 questions,supplemented by examples and figures based on authoritative research.

Anyone who is interested in current Chinese affairs will find the book a useful reference as well as a tool to explore the many major issues concerning China