Constructing an Environment for Sustainable Human Rights Development


Author:China Society for Human Rights Studies


Press:China Intercontinental Press


Publication date:2014




On Sept.12 and 13, 2013, China Society for Human Rights Studies and China Foundation for Human Rights Development jointly sponsored the Sixth Beijing Forum on Human Rights in Beijing. The forum was attended by nearly 100 people, including senior officials, experts and scholars on human rights from the United Nations and 33 countries and regions, diplomatic envoys of relevant countries in China, and experts and scholars on human rights in China.
Focusing on the theme”Constructing an Environment for Sustainable Human Rights Development,“ this forum discussed on three topics” Rule of law and human Right,” Social construction and human rights,” and“Regional security and human Rights.” The delegates conducted warm discussions focusing on the theme, and thought that the theme was in line with the current trend of the times and the human rights development requirements. The guarantee of human rights cannot be separated from given internal and external environments and institutional arrangement, and it is necessary to build up an order conducive to the full realization of human rights and develop a sustainable environment for human rights development, which are the emphasis of human rights guarantee. Governments and people of all countries have the obligations and responsibilities to build up environment and order conducive to realizing the human rights and ensure the sustainable development of human rights under the guidance of Universal Declaration of Human Rights. All delegates believed that for the topic of human rights, consideration shall be taken on both generality and special conditions of various countries with different history and different cultural background, and that we should recognize the diversity of human rights development  patterns, as there is no model to develop human rights generally applicable worldwide. Many foreign delegates spoke highly of the great achievements obtained by the Chinese Government in pushing ahead the human rights undertaking, noted the demonstrative role of the human rights development road of China, believing that by combining the  general principles of human rights with the reality in the country, China has taken a road to develop human rights different from that of western countries, pushing forward the continual progress of the human rights undertaking in China.
The forum received over 70 essays, which are collected in five parts by different themes. The essays only express the personal views of authors, and do not represent the viewpoints and opinions of China Society for Human Rights Studies.
China Society for Human Rights Studies
November 2013