Oriental Culture and Human Rights Development


Author:China Society for Human Rights Studies


Press:The Oriental Press


Publication date:2014




Sponsored by the China Society for Human Rights Studies(CSHRS) and the China Foundation for Human Rights Development( CFHRD) , the International Symposium on Oriental Culture and Human Rights Development was successfully held in Beijing, October 29-30, 2002. The Symposium focused on three topics: universality of human rights and cultural diversity, the Oriental and Western cultures and human rights, and culture and human rights in the globalization process.  The three - day Symposium attracted more than 70 scholars,experts, officials and parliamentarians from 26 countries, including Australia, China, Cuba, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Iran, Japan,Republic of Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, the Phil-ippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, SriLanka, Thailand, Ukraine, the United States of America, and Vietnam. During the Symposium, Mr. Buhe, then Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress of China, met with the participants and delivered a speech. To memorize this event,we compile and publish some selected papers submitted to the Symposium in both Chinese and English. The book comprises four parts.Part I contains as Introduction the speeches delivered by Mr. Buhe;Mr. Zhu Muzhi, Honorary President of CSHRS; Mr. Zhou Jue, President of CSHRS; Mr. Yang Zhengquan, Vice President of CSHRS and Executive Vice President of CFHRD; and Prof. Dong Yunhu, Vice President and Secretary General of CSHRS. Parts II, III and IV incorporate some papers under the three topics.