Human Rights in Xizang: Nicaraguan ambassador praises development, quality of life in Chinese autonomous region

The Nicaraguan ambassador to China has hit back at western media reports of Xizang, more commonly known as Tibet in the English-speaking world. CGTN's Feng Yilei sits down with the Nicaraguan ambassador, to get his insights on development and human rights in Xizang.

FENG YILEI CGTN reporter "If you were to describe the region with three words, what would they be and why?"
MICHAEL CAMPBELL Nicaraguan ambassador to China "I think I would use first diverse. It's a multi-ethnic, a region of such diverse culture, religious beliefs. I would also use harmonious, because there is, you can see peace, you can see tranquility, you can see everybody working together to try to have a more prosperous future. And I would say development would be another important word that I would use."
FENG YILEI CGTN reporter "And given that you've met and spoke with local people and government officials, how do you view Chinese government's policies in Xizang, in particular, in the area of human rights?"
MICHAEL CAMPBELL Nicaraguan ambassador to China "I think that we fully subscribe to President Xi and the Chinese government's view on human rights. The most important human right is the right to life, the right to have a dignified subsistence, to have access to quality education, to security, to health, the opportunity to prosper in life, to see your children grow, to live in a very comfortable and safe environment.
"You can see human rights are being effectively exercised here to the contrary of all the smear campaigns and the lies the misinformation that some Western governments that don't guarantee the same level of prosperity for their own people."
FENG YILEI Nyingchi Xizang Autonomous Region "But there are also reports by some international media outlets that talk about, quote, 'the human rights issue in Tibet,' and what's your take on that?"
MICHAEL CAMPBELL Nicaraguan ambassador to China "I think Western media as a part of the foreign policy structure of these Western imperialist governments will always try to destabilize China, always try to promote separatism in China. But we have seen that China has moved quickly. China is always working with their people at the heart. The Chinese government is always working with the people at the heart and they are creating great benefits for the people.
"We know that these types of smear campaigns, these lies that are promoted by some Western governments only seek to impose sanctions on Chinese government officials and CPC members. It's truly saddening. It only shows that they are trying to attach themselves to a world that is based on hegemony while China to the contrary is opening its arms to the world, helping to promote a more multipolar world where everybody can participate where the foreign policy is the policy of good neighborhood, where you can see cooperation and solidarity, mutual respect, non-interference in the internal affairs of each country is at the heart of China's foreign policy and cooperation efforts.
"I think we are members of countries that are of the developing world must work together, must try to act in line with the wonderful efforts that China is promoting and constantly and in every space in every forum that is available to us, raise our voice against these lies, these smear campaigns that are promoted against China and other brotherly countries."